The future of South - South Economic Relations (Encerrado)

Data de início: 2010 - 2012

Situação: Concluído

Natureza: Pesquisa.

The future of South - South Economic Relations

Descrição: There is a growing literature devoted to collaboration efforts amongst developing countries. This project will draw a comprehensive picture of the future of economic, especially trade, relations among developing countries. We will engage in a policy - relevant analysis that articulates the goals, but also points out the challenges and opportunities that developing countries may face in the years to come..

Integrantes: Haroldo Ramanzini Júnior - Integrante / Rachel Denae Thraser - Integrante / Adil Najam - Coordenador / Laura Gomez-Mera - Integrante / Eric K. Ogunleye - Integrante / Nagesh Kumar - Integrante / Adriana Verdier - Integrante / Manuela Viana - Integrante / Mariana Rangel Padilla - Integrante / Shaheen Rafi Khan - Integrante / Mehdi Shafaeddin - Integrante.
Financiador(es): Frederick S. Pardee Center - Boston University - Auxílio financeiro.