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Published: 16/04/2024 - 16:37
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On Campus Life


Room and Board

(Accommodation and Living Expenses)

Graduate students cannot access on-campus housing. However, off-campus accommodation and other related expenses are estimated based on average costs in the vicinity and may vary depending on the prevailing cost of living.

There are many of possibilities in the surrounding region for students to stay in and experience the local way of life, such as hotels, apartments, and rental homes.

Hotels map in the vicinity of University campus

Living Costs Estimate for International Students in Uberlândia 




Private Apartments 

R$1,500 - R$2,000 per month 

Shared Housing 

R$700 - R$1,000 per month 



Student's Restaurant Ticket 

R$3 per meal 


R$500 - R$1,000 per month 

Eating Out 

R$20 - R$50 per meal 



Public Transportation 

R$200 - R$300 per month 


R$10 - R$30 per trip 

Health Insurance 


Health Insurance 

R$1,000 - R$2,000 per year 

Miscellaneous Expenses 


Books and Supplies 

R$100 - R$300 per month 


R$100 - R$200 per month 

Personal Expenses 

R$200 - R$400 per month 

Total Estimated Monthly Living Costs 

R$2,500 - R$3,500 per month