#Human Rights: the digital impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System

Data de início: 2019 - Atual

Situação: Em andamento

Natureza: Pesquisa.

#Human Rights: the digital impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System

Descrição: Latin America has been regarded by its long entrepreneurial role in promoting human rights and values internationally. It anticipated to the world significant norms, tools and procedures, such as: the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of the Man, the idea of international duties, the right to justice enclosed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the strategy of a mobile tribunal, the right to the victims? stand before the Court, to name just a few innovations with the Latin American imprint. A less noticed achievement ? albeit equally relevant ? is the fact that the Inter-American Human Rights System also pioneered the use of digital tools among international human rights systems. Within 60 years of continuous and intense activity, the Inter-American Commission has gone the last third on digital mode as well. Its broad digital presence brought modernization and means to overcome limitations. This project assesses digital presence and performance at the Inter-American Human Rights System to understand how the Inter-American bodies use digital tools to promote human rights in the region. Have the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights realized full potential on the use of digital tools (Norm Diffusion, Network, Dialogue, and Branding)? At the same time, how do these inter-american bodies manage the inherent challenges of digital experimentation (Transparency, Coordination, Resources)? While digital presence will be fully mapped throughout the web and social media, digital performance will be accessed through tweets. Twitter serves as a parameter for investigation of digital performance of international actors because it is followed by several international organizations, ministries of foreign affairs, NGOs and others. It also represents the single common social media used by all existing regional human rights systems, allowing insightful comparison on best practices and tendencies. As a result, this project contributes to the practical knowledge of the Inter-American Human Rights System on the digital potential and impact for promoting human rights in the region..

Alunos envolvidos: Graduação: (2) / Mestrado acadêmico: (2) / Mestrado profissional: (1) .

Integrantes: Isabela Gerbelli Garbin Ramanzini - Coordenador / Warley Gian da Silva Matos - Integrante / Mônica Ottoboni Maciel de Castro - Integrante / Maria Eugênia Ribeiro Nunes - Integrante / João Marcos Poyer Melo - Integrante.